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Nanny McPee

Dog Walking & Care Services

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The Person You Need


You’re probably wondering who’s this Nanny McPee, and what does she do. Based on the name, you might be envisioning an incontinent middle-aged woman who takes care of babies. If that’s your guess, you’d be wrong—at least for the most part. Nanny McPee takes care of fur babies, not human ones. She prefers the term ageless, thank you very much. As for being incontinent, Nanny McPee must admit that she’s had a couple of close calls after consuming too many cups of coffee, but she’s managed to stay accident-free so far. Just so you know, she’s much more interested in preventing your dog from having accidents than she is in keeping herself dry. 

It may surprise you to learn that Nanny McPee possesses supernatural powers. Don’t worry, she doesn’t brew any potions containing eye of newt or toe of frog; that would be just plain cruel. Nanny’s uses her unique skills and abilities to conjure up stellar service. She helps you keep your dog happy and healthy like magic. She makes your stress and feelings of guilt disappear. Nanny McPee even materializes whenever you need her.

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Are you still wondering if Nanny McPee is an actual person or just a business name? Maybe Nanny McPee is a non-physical entity, a loving spirit who advises Charlene, the business owner, and watches over the dogs. Don’t let all the silliness and woo-woo scare you; it’s just a bit of fun. The important thing is that it’s possible to “spell” out precisely what makes Nanny McPee so magical for you and your dog. 

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Meet Charlene


As you may have surmised, I enjoy having a laugh. It would also be fair to say that I am someone who proudly flies her freak flag at full mast. Seeing myself as being unconventional makes me loath to repeat a declaration made on practically every canine professional’s About page. However, I must admit that it’s an important detail to include. Here goes: I love dogs! Duh, you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. While it was necessary for me to confirm your assumption, an affection for dogs is merely a prerequisite. I mean, not everyone who loves dogs should be a dog walker any more than everyone who loves children should be a teacher. You must also have a passion for the work itself and excel at it; at the risk of sounding like an arrogant jerk, I’d say both are true in my case. 


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Small Group & Private

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