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dog walking business owner

The Dream Team


Executive Vice-President
& Chief Enchantment Officer


True to my quirky nature, I’m going to take a slightly backward approach to telling you who I am as a canine professional by describing who I am not. First, I’m not the type of person who, after having left a high-pressure job, looked at my beloved dog one day and thought, Eureka—I’ll make a living with dogs now! Operating a dog business isn’t a fallback; it’s my dream and always has been. I’m also not some dilettante who doesn’t have the first idea what to do beyond standing around throwing a ball. Yes, you need to ensure the dogs have fun, but there’s more to their care than just frolicking in parks. I possess the experience to know precisely what’s needed to provide stellar service. Lastly, I’m not someone who spends her days with dogs because I dislike people. Without people, my work with dogs would be less rewarding. I derive immense pleasure from building rapport with both species.

It’s embarrassing, but I tend to get giddy with happiness whenever I reflect on my good fortune, just as I have done while writing this page. Nothing beats pursuing your passion and doing so as a late bloomer makes the experience even sweeter. Indeed, it’s so sweet that I feel like I should pay people for the honour of walking their dogs. By now you’re probably a little giddy yourself. Before you get overly excited at the prospect of making a few bucks, I should tell you I plan to carry on with business as usual and wait for the impulse to pass. 

laughing dogs


Ha! Ha! Please forgive me, but I couldn’t resist injecting a little humour into this lengthy profile. I know what you’re thinking: you’re thinking that it’s a good thing that she became a professional dog walker and not a comedian. All joking aside, I owe a debt of gratitude to Nanny McPee’s awesome clients and their equally awesome pups for helping to make my dream a reality. My deepest heartfelt thanks to each of you! 

For inquiring minds, here’s the magical and mysterious lady herself.

Drum roll, please.

More drum roll, please. 

The moment you've been waiting for is about to arrive.


Please meet...

Nanny McPee

President & Chief Magic Officer

model walking dog


It’s Nanny McPee walking a dog in Humber Bay Park.
What? Hogwash, you say? 
You’re right--it doesn’t look anything like the park.

granny walking dogs


Nanny McPee loves it when people become excited about her, but she would prefer it if the enthusiasm continued to be about her service. Therefore, she wants to end the gag right here and make something abundantly clear: Nanny is always fully clothed whenever she’s in public. You have no idea how grateful you should be for that mercy. The person in this photo isn’t Nanny either, but the resemblance is considerably closer. The difference is that Nanny McPee has a round figure. One advantage of Nanny’s spherical shape is that it makes her popular with the dogs; they get the impression that she’s bouncy and fun. 

dog chasing ball
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