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Stellar Service

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Safety Is #1


Any pet service business that doesn’t make safety their priority has no business being in business. Rest assured, Nanny will take all reasonable precautions to maintain the safety and wellbeing of every dog in her care. Nanny McPee feels that there is an unacceptable level of risk inherent in managing large groups of doggos on leash during neighbourhood walks and particularly while off-leash at the dog park. Therefore, Nanny walks dogs either privately or in small groups of a maximum of three dogs so that she can pay close attention to every detail. During the walk, she secures her furry charges to her with climbing equipment to safeguard against dropped leashes and dogs running at large. Also, all McPups wear harnesses and may even be fitted with safeties to thwart any Hairy Houndini escape attempts. The only one performing any magic will be Nanny McPee.

Sound good? Nanny McPee can’t settle for good where your dog’s safety is involved, so she’s added GPS tracking devices to her bag of tricks. New McPups and flight-risk dogs wear waterproof, shock-resistant devices that provide real-time localization and have batteries that can last up to five days. Best of all, the devices have an unlimited tracking range since they operate using GPS, not Bluetooth. Think of it as if your dog were wearing an extremely long invisible leash that could extend around the globe. Nanny McPee loves how a small gadget attached to your dog’s harness or collar can give such peace of mind.

Nanny McPee is pet first aid certified. 

Dog Walkers COVID-19 Certification
dog trainers working safely certificate


Ensuring the health and safety of the two-leggeds during the COVID-19 pandemic is also a top priority. Nanny McPee helps keep her McPeeps safe by:
•    Following public health guidelines.
•    Following applicable pet care industry best practices.
•    Adhering to strict safety protocols.

Clients can download Nanny McPee’s COVID-19 Safety Plan through the client portal.

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Canine Professional


Nanny McPee is a loving, respectful canine care specialist who employs positive training methods. She has what it takes to support you in your training goals and help reinforce your dog’s good on-leash manners. Besides walking dogs professionally, Nanny McPee has walked dogs as a volunteer for a local animal shelter. Believe it or not, she even has experience working for a pet specialty retailer. Basically, wherever there’s a dog, you’ll probably find Nanny McPee close by. 

Nanny McPee is a registered business. The business is fully bonded and insured by PROfur Insurance. 

PROfur Insurance Protection Seal
Rocker Dog

Ready to Rock!


Nanny McPee is a dog walker, not a dog driver. Nanny will never stuff six dogs into the back of a vehicle and haul them off to dog knows where. While some may consider it an absurd idea, Nanny McPee thinks it makes perfect sense to leave the SUVs and minivans parked and provide a dog walking service that truly entails walking the dogs. Familiar streets and green spaces are comforting and never boring to the urban canine. Your dog will love engaging in some physical and mental exercise with a couple of buddies from the block. For those dogs requiring private walks, exploring the neighbourhood is a great low-stress, low-impact activity. 

dog sniffing flower

More Attention,

More Amusement


In addition to minimizing risk, private and small group walks have the added benefit of maximizing the fun for the dogs. The McPup to McPee ratio ensures that every dog gets a ton of attention. Fewer tailwaggers also means that everyone has more freedom to explore the great outdoors to their satisfaction. Marching groups of dogs down the street or through the park with no opportunity to investigate is like hustling kids through a playground without testing the equipment. 

Nanny McPee makes a concerted effort to walk every mile (or kilometre) in the dogs’ paws. It isn’t difficult for her to imagine life from a dog’s perspective. For instance, when the grass or snow conditions are ideal, who doesn’t ache to have a good roll? How can anyone resist stopping in their tracks to give the stink eye to the squirrel squawking and mocking from a nearby tree? The importance of investigating every pee patch for evidence that your good friend or archenemy has been in the vicinity recently is obvious. When you discover the perfect stick specimen, you must display it proudly for all to envy and possibly entice a walking buddy or Nanny McPee into a brief game of chase. The point is that every walk is designed to put a spring in your dog’s step and a wag in his or her tail. Nanny McPee knows that a walk is never just a walk to a dog; it’s your pup’s jam. 

princess dog
dog wearing fedora



The above images are meant to illustrate the diversity of personality types only. Nanny McPee does not allow dogs to drink cognac, smoke cigars, or wear pink feather boas. However, dogs may be granted permission to wear sunglasses, tiaras or fedoras on a case-by-case basis.  

Individualized Care


Every dog parent thinks their fur baby is special. Nanny McPee wholeheartedly agrees: every dog is special and deserves to be treated as such. Nanny McPee studies the behaviour and personality of each new McPup. Clients provide the 411 during the meet and greet, but Nanny McPee still wants to learn more about your dog from direct experience. Therefore, all dogs are walked privately during the introduction stage. Nanny McPee uses the one-on-one time to build trust and familiarize your dog with new cues and expectations. If your dog is a small group candidate, Nanny McPee won’t begin the process of carefully matching your pup with one or two walking buddies until after she has formed an attachment bond with your dog. Likewise, Nanny McPee will postpone training staff on your dog’s care until she feels that your dog is ready for the next stage. Once staff training is complete, Nanny McPee employs a team approach to service that involves sharing care responsibilities. The Nanny McPee Canine Care Specialist Team meets regularly to discuss each McPup’s wellbeing and explore ways to evoke more full-body wags. 

Now for the yummy part that is of interest to your dog. Nanny McPee makes high-quality treats for the McPups. She uses healthy, human-grade ingredients purchased from our local grocery stores and butcher shops. Recipes are adjusted for dogs with dietary restrictions. With your permission, Nanny McPee will reward your pup with tasty treats that have been baked with love. 

pug dog


& Convenience


Nanny McPee uses Time to Pet software to keep you updated on your dog’s shenanigans. After every visit, you’ll receive a full report via the app. Your service report will include time and GPS tracking information in addition to the regular doggy details. On those occasions when your pup agrees to strike a pose, Nanny McPee will include a pic or two for your pleasure. You can also use the app or client portal to send messages, update information, request services, check your schedule, review your invoice and make payments. 

paw print love

Client Appreciation


Nanny McPee is cognizant of the level of trust you place in her when you hire her to care for your dog. She appreciates your business and cherishes every minute she gets to spend with your fur baby. Nanny McPee enjoys expressing her gratitude whenever she can. She has a double-sided referral program in place to thank you for any referrals. Nanny sometimes leaves behind a prezzie for your pup. What about something for the pup parents, you ask? Please don’t fret; Nanny McPee delights in surprising you too. With a wave of her magic wand, the occasional little thank you gift just might appear when you least expect it.

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