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bulldogs walking


Wee Wander

Grand Gallivant

Service Duration: 30 & 60 Minutes

Walk Type: On-Leash Neighbourhood

  • Opportunity to socialize with other dogs while still receiving loads of human attention

  • No car rides or dog park visits

  • Fun, stress-free, on-leash exercise and exploration in the neighbourhood

  • Positive reinforcement of training and loose-leash walking

  • Report provided after every walk

Starting at $20 + HST

dog in disguise


Solo Stroll 

Enrichment Excursion

Service Duration: 30 & 60 Minutes

Walk Type: On-Leash Neighbourhood

Is your dog a little quirky? Group walks, even when they are small groups, aren’t for every dog. Therefore, Nanny McPee offers private walks for the canine wallflower or pooch who detests getting up close and sniffy with other doggos. Private walks are also ideal for senior dogs, dogs with mobility issues and pupperinos. Whatever the reason for opting to go solo, your pup is going to enjoy soaking up all the love and attention.

Starting at $27 + HST

Puppy Care

Puppy Care

puppy with soother


Puppy Visits

Merry Pop-In

Double the Fun

Service Duration: 30 Minutes

Visit Frequency: Once or Twice per Day

  • Puppies up to 6 months

  • Potty break and age-appropriate walk

  • Help reinforcing good manners and potty training

  • Cleanup on aisle one! (accidents disappear)

  • Food and fresh water 

  • Oodles of puppy love and plenty of playtime

  • Report provided after every visit​

Starting at $24 + HST

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