bulldogs walking


Wee Wander

Grand Gallivant

Service Duration: 30 & 60 Minutes

Walk Type: On-Leash Neighbourhood

  • Opportunity to socialize with other dogs while still receiving loads of human attention

  • No car rides or dog park visits

  • Fun, stress-free, on-leash exercise and exploration in the neighbourhood

  • Positive reinforcement of training and loose-leash walking

  • Report provided after every walk

Starting at $17 + HST

dog in disguise


Solo Stroll 

Enrichment Excursion

Service Duration: 30 & 60 Minutes

Walk Type: On-Leash Neighbourhood

Is your dog a little quirky? Group walks, even when they are small groups, aren’t for every dog. Therefore, Nanny McPee offers private walks for the canine wallflower or pooch who detests getting up close and sniffy with other doggos. Private walks are also ideal for senior dogs, dogs with mobility issues and pupperinos. Whatever the reason for opting to go solo, your pup is going to enjoy soaking up all the love and attention.

Starting at $27 + HST


Premium Walks

dogs playing


Roam & Romp

Service Duration: TBD

Walk Type: On-Leash Neighbourhood



                   Off-Leash Dog Park

Nanny McPee will walk your dog with up to two McPups to the Dogs Off-Leash Area (DOLA) at Humber Bay Park West (HBPW). Your dog and his walking buddies will be thrilled with the combination of HBPW on-leash exploration and DOLA fun and frolic. 

One advantage of walking to the DOLA is that it can help to warm up the body and chill the mind. Your dog may never be mistaken for a Zen master at the dog park but getting some exercise before he arrives will help to make him less of a Tarzan. On the walk home, the muscles and brain can begin the cooling down process. If you’re working from home, your pup will be back with you in time to keep you company while you eat your lunch. When you go back to pounding away at the keyboard and Zooming, your dog will settle down in his bed for a siesta. 


Puppy Care

puppy with soother


Puppy Visits

Merry Pop-In

Double the Fun

Service Duration: 30 Minutes

Visit Frequency: Once or Twice per Day

  • Puppies up to 6 months

  • Potty break and age-appropriate walk

  • Help reinforcing good manners and potty training

  • Cleanup on aisle one! (accidents disappear)

  • Food and fresh water 

  • Oodles of puppy love and plenty of playtime

  • Report provided after every visit​

Starting at $17 + HST


Premium Puppy Care

French bulldog puppy sleeping


VIP Staycare

Service Duration: Minimum 2 Hours

In-your-home daycare for your young puppy.

Coming Soon!


Vacation Care

dog relaxing


Day Sit

Service Duration: TBD

Walk Type: On-Leash Neighbourhood

When you can’t take your four-legged friend along with you, Nanny McPee can care for your pup in the comfort of his own digs. She’ll fill your dog’s days with plenty of walks and TLC. 


Visits are scheduled between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. 


Premium Vacation Care

dog in robe watching tv


Overnight Sit

Nanny McPee can bring her PJs and do a sleepover. Ask your dog how 101 Dalmatians and salt-free pupcorn sounds. Don’t worry, Nanny can pick another movie if you’re afraid Cruella de Vil will give your dog nightmares. 

dog resting


Overnight Board

Your cuddle bug comes home with Nanny McPee for the night. In the morning, Nanny McPee will escort your furry guy or gal back to your abode. There's no place like home to a dog. Familiar surroundings are comforting for your pup during your absence.